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Urban Gym Group offers companies many benefits.
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Why choose Urban Gym Group for your Business?

Urban Gym Group has 30+ clubs spread across the major cities of The Netherlands. Become part of the Urban Gym Group community and get fit with your business. With a wide range of fitness concepts, Urban Gym Group always offers something for every employee.

Also, corporate fitness has many positive effects for both the employer and the employees. An employee who participates in sports is more productive, fitter, and has less absenteeism on average. Healthy and fit employees ensure a healthy company.

In addition, as a company, you receive tax benefits from money invested in employees’ health. This money invested can be deducted from the gross salary. The settlement provides no less than a 40% tax advantage for your business.

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We place our community left, right and centre in everything we do.


We are the frontrunner in creating future-facing and innovative gym concepts.


The industrially styled gyms are located in the urban city centres.

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